AVIVA 40 Half-Mask Respirator

Aviva 40 Half Mask Safety respirator

​The AVIVA 40 single filter half mask is the next step forward in half mask technology from Scott Safety. Innovative design elements such as a hybrid reflex face seal,an easy-to-use leak check mechanism and goggle ‘pinch’ have been integrated into the AVIVA 40 half mask, with user comfort and protection in mind.

AVIVA 40 is suitable for a variety of applications including paint spraying, chemicals and manufacturing, utilising the Pro2000 range of filters. Please see technical data for precise filter approvals.


  • ​Single filter half mask utilising the Pro2000 range of filters
  • Reflex seal absorbs facial movements, maintaining protection
  • Easy to use leak check mechanism
  • Goggle pinch - designed for improved eye PPE integration
  • Enhanced voice intelligibility
  • Comfortable,durable head cradle suitable for use underneath headwear
  • READY-PAK option for clean storage and easy transportation

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