Air Purity Analysis/Testing

Air Purity Tester

Air Purity Analysis Testing is a requirement that complies with BS EN 12021 Air Purity Standards. All in-line breathing air line systems must be tested under the current COSHH Regulations. COSHH Regulation 9, ACOP 9, Section 178 states that the quality of compressed air supplied to breathing apparatus should be tested every 3 months.

The tests will be undertaken to ensure the levels of the following do not exceed the criteria as detailed in BS EN 12021:-



  • Oxygen Content
  • CO² Content
  • CO Content
  • Water
  • Odour
  • Oil
  • Airflow (litres per minute)
  • Airline pressure
  • Pressure Dewpoint

We can carry out the testing on site, using our computerised analyser. The tests can be carried out on low pressure in line supplies; high pressure cylinders (up to 300 bar) and compressors.