Gas Detection and Calibration

The use of flammable and/or toxic gases and chemicals is an essential part of manufacturing in a wide range of industries. It is common practice to use portable gas detectors to check for the presence of gases or vapours.

Examples of situations where portable gas detectors may be used:-

  • To provide an early warning of the presence of a flammable atmosphere in hazardous areas during work which may generate an ignition source, eg welding or tank cleaning
  • To routinely check levels of flammable and toxic gases and vapours over a wide area from a known source, eg sewers, tanks and other confined spaces; and to check the atmosphere in confined spaces both prior to entry into the confined space and at intervals specified on the entry permit
  • In emergency situations to locate a suspected flammable or toxic gas or vapour leak from pipe work and equipment, eg natural gas pipe work. In such a situation, a risk assessment should be carried out to determine whether gas monitoring is the correct method of leak detection and any precautions that should be taken, eg user may need to wear breathing apparatus
  • In emergency situations to check levels of flammable or toxic gas or vapour over a wider area from a known leak

RespiSafe (UK) Ltd offers a highly professional and efficient servicing of a wide range of portable gas detection. Our aim is to service and calibrate units in a short turnaround time so as to minimise the disruption to the working procedures of your company.